Privacy Policy

Like most websites on the internet, Mathzor records certain information when you visit. Things like your IP address and search terms you might have used to find our website are logged and run through simple analysis tools later. This helps us determine what potential users might be looking for and add new services or update existing ones accordingly. It can also provide us with general location information and help us identify potential issues when delivering the website to you.

Privacy is very important to us, and the information automatically captured (like your IP address) and voluntarily provided (like an account you register) will be kept private. We do not sell or distribute any personal information, though we may use a provided e-mail address to contact you for various reasons like expected server outages or upcoming account expiration.

Terms of Use

Account Registration: To access services on this website, you will need to register an account. The information provided in your registration must be accurate. While we recognize that classroom money is hard to come by, free accounts are not intended to be registered consecutively by the same individual in lieu of basic or plus registration. Our nominal fee only helps us offset server and other operating costs. Limiting free accounts is a means by which we ensure a consistently high level of availability to the teachers who return year after year.

Service Availability: The internet, for all the wonderful things it brings us introduces potential points of failure in any service, some of which we are unable to control. While our users are very important to us and we will try to resolve any issues as soon as possible, Mathzor will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages pertaining to our services and their availability. That said, we do, and will continue to make every reasonable effort to ensure our users do not face any issues accessing the website, and that any issues that arise are addressed promptly.

Site Security: Mathzor is a multi-user system and has security checks in place to ensure that user data is not accessed or modified by other users and outside malicious people. However, no security system is perfect and tampering with accounts is always a possibility. Users found tampering with, attempting to, or actually circumventing site security will be subject to immediate account termination without refund.

Periodic Maintenance: In the late hours of the evenings (11pm or so) we will occasionally roll out updates and perform general maintenance, in order to be as non-disruptive to school schedules as possible. These may not always be planned, but are nonetheless important to ensuring site security. As such, on some occasions you may experience difficulty accessing the site as updates are applied. These should be brief and hopefully non-disruptive. However, for any planned, major disruptions of service, you'll receive a notification after you login to your account.

Updates to Terms: This page will be kept up to date with any changes to our terms of service or privacy policy.